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Bathing Our Parrots

It is important that we bathe our birds, for their health as well as our own. This article discusses the bathing methods that worked for me and my birds along with suggestions on how to introduce your birds to the concept.

Your Baby Grey is Coming Home!

This is for all the ones out there either looking or expecting their new arrival!  I think it's great to know what to expect!  I hope you'll read this and take everything in!  It's a really good read!

Home Hazards

African Greys are often killed or injured in household accidents. Listed below are some of the most common causes of death or injury within the home.

A Parrots Bill of Rights.

A Parrots Bill of Rights -

I was supplied a copy of this when i got Alfie & Freddie & think it is very appropriate to have it posted here on the forum for all grey owners & anyone considering getting a grey.

When should a Wellness Check be performed?


Many new Parrot Owners ask - When should a Wellness Check be performed?



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