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Thread: Importance of mental stimuli when young

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    Importance of mental stimuli when young

    I wanted to share a scientific article that addresses the importance of ensuring your bird or even human child for that matter experiences large doses of mental stimuli at very young ages.

    It will determine their "Abilities" in ALL areas for the rest of their lives....
    Within all of us is a varying amount of space lint and star dust, the residue from our creation. Most are too busy to notice it, and it is stronger in some than others. It is strongest in those of us who fly and is responsible for an unconscious, subtle desire to slip into some wings and try for the elusive boundaries of our origin. ~K.O. Eckland, "Footprints On Clouds"

    Dayo in flight....

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    Importance of mental stimuli when young

    Do singing, reading, talking, acting like a dork, playing with wadded up paper and various toys, and holding him up in front of me praising count? <br><br>Post edited by: Elvenking, at: 2010/02/25 22:38
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    Importance of mental stimuli when young

    After Dave Womach posted a video of Chessie free flying on the forum I started cruising through his little instructional videos and found one on this subject. He recommends introducing your grey to a new object every day starting when they are young so that they loose the fear of new objects and phobic reactions to new things. A little different than your article but in the same theme of stimulating from an early age.

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    Importance of mental stimuli when young

    Dan, you just make my day. When my children were born, I read everything I could get my hands on to learn what to do to be a better parent. There was an article in the newspaper offering the services of a social worker to come in an access the home. She came in and took one look around and said this looks more like a preschool than a typical home and left assuring me we were doing better than most. I approached getting a grey with the same sense of research. Every day I wonder, what could I do better and strive for that. The time, interaction, toys and a safe environment really do make a difference. Life has so much to offer that I believe at any age we should try something new every day and not just for our birds, but for our own brains as well.

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