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Thread: Eclectus or african grey

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    Eclectus or african grey

    I lost my 21-year-old African Grey back in December. She was a severe feather picker and died of infection. Anyhow, I want another bird. I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, am in a wheelchair and I use a ventilator to breathe (feather dust is no problem as my air is filtered). I need a bird that will go to both me and my mother for the most part. I would also like the bird to be trained to step up on a perch (or hand) so that my nurses can transfer the bird to my lap, shoulder or play gym, or to pick it up from the floor if need be. Of course, this is just in case my mom isn't available. The only times I would ever be away from the bird for a long period is maybe once a week for the day (9am-8pm or so), or if I go to a ball game in Tampa, or twice a year if I go on a cruise for a week or at the most for 2 weeks if I take a trip which is rare. Or if I am ever hospitalized, again very rare. If I am not around, though, my mom is usually here. I plan to keep the bird out of the cage for the most part, on me or with my mom, on my bed, or on a table top perch or gym, etc. But the bird will need some time alone in it's cage too of course, or if no one is home. My mother will be the primary caregiver. I like to pet, cuddle and teach a few words and phrases. I do not wish to establish a tight routine so that the bird gets used to some change. I plan to introduce the bird to ONE new toy or sound or location or situation or van ride every day.

    I really hesitant to go down the Grey route again because of all the problems I had. I want a more sociable parrot. My Grey was actually a two-person parrot, but I don't know if I will be that lucky again. I could not handle a macaw, but I want a good sized bird. I need advice - Grey or Eclectus, what should I get based on my situation?


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    Eclectus or african grey

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss of your beloved grey, that was unfortunate that she was a plucker but she is fully feathered now as she flies over the rainbow bridge.

    If it were me I would go with the grey but I have never had an eclectus and do not know much about them but we do have several members who do have them and they will chime in soon with their suggestions and advice for you.

    No matter which you choose you do have a difficult situation to deal with being in a wheelchair and using a ventilator but you managed it before and can do it again. Please keep us informed at to which you choose and good luck to you.
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    Eclectus or african grey

    In your special circumstances and what you describe you are looking for in the personality of a Parrot.

    An Eclectus is a good choice based on the premise you need it to accept passing and handling from others, such as your Mom or friends.

    They need a special diet due to having an uncommonly long digestive tract. They need fiber, fruits & vegetables in their diet. They cannot thrive on a mainly seed or pellet diet. Fruit, veggies, fiber etc. must make up approx. 80% of the total diet.

    They are much more the cuddle muffins and not nearly as high strung and nervous as a Grey.

    If you have the chance, I would suggest you and - or your mom visiting a breeder with an eclectus or friends and see how you like them. :-)<br><br>Post edited by: danmcq, at: 2010/03/27 15:00
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    Eclectus or african grey

    I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your grey companion. Our greys are so a part of our lives so please accept my condolences.

    I can't really help you about an eclectus, although I have one, because I did not raise him. I got Sully from a pet shop. He was found about 7-8 years before in a car wash and rescued by the local pet shop. Sully is a plucker, he still is although I have had him since April, 2009. I believe he must be 10 years old or more because he is very set in his ways. He loves to sit and watch me from a cage. He has his big cage in the birdroom and two smaller cages, one in the office and one in the living room, the busy rooms in the house. He prefers to be in a cage, I have perches and boings throughout the house that my grey loves to sit on but Sully will go to a cage although he is loose in the house when I am home. He must be in his big cage with the lights off and the door closed so he can sleep in the dark by around 7:00 pm without fail or he will shriek and shriek until he gets his way. As I said, he is very set in his ways. When he is hormonal, he is very loving and a little scary. Sully is a quiet and sweet ekkie and I'm sure his problems come from his abuse and treatment in the past so he really isn't a very good example for an eclectus. I believe if he had been mine when he was weaned he would have been the loving and sweet bird I see glimpses of when he is non-hormonal. Sully only says "Hi" to everyone who comes into the house and can laugh and do a laser. Othewise, he is a quiet guy.

    So if you get an eclectus please chose a young one that you can bring up and that can be accustomed to your lifestyle as I believe they are normally very sweet, easygoing and gentle birds.

    Carolz of the forum has a male eclectus she raised, I believe and perhaps she will chime in here with her observations of her life with an eclectus.

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    Eclectus or african grey

    Arent' toos supposed to also be cuddlers? If I am recalling correctly, you might want to consider one of them while your researching also.

    Hugs to you for losing your Grey.

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    Eclectus or african grey

    Sorry to hear about your grey. Sounds as if you had him a long time. I think the eclectus is the most beautiful of birds. If I chose to bring another bird other than a grey into the house I would choose an Eclectus. Here is a video for you to see - "Riley". You've probebly already seen it though. I know that the green (male I think) Eclectus are the ones that talk. The female don't talk. I think Riley is most unusual in his vocabulary and clarity of speech. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this. Here is the video.<br><br>Post edited by: Janfromboone, at: 2010/03/28 00:36

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