Home Hazards

African Greys are often killed or injured in household accidents. Listed below are some of the most common causes of death or injury within the home.

  • Food poisoning. Do not feed your bird anything that you're not 100% sure about. Remeber NO Avocado, Rubarb, Chocolate, Alcohol or caffeine!


  • Chemical pesticides, insecticides and cleaning solvents.


  • Toxic fumes including secondhand smoke, burning rubber or plastic and nonstick cooking utensils. Even purfume is dangerous!


  • Toxic plants. There are many plants that are very dangerous for birds.


  • Poorly designed cages. Avoid cages that are powder coated. And look out for any areas of the cage that your parrot can get stuck or injured.


  • Other family pets. Do not leave your parrot around cats and dogs, or any pet that could harm it.


  • Siding glass doors. If you have a flying parrot - beware of glass doors and windows.


  • Open windows and doors. One sure way to lose your bird!


  • Standing water such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs and aquariums. Birds cannot swim!


  • Electrical cords. Parrots love to chew anything and everything.

Also, make sure that all toys offered to your Grey are safe. They should be made from nontoxic material, appropriately sized and properly inspected! Carefully observe your parrot's environment, and look out for anything that could harm them. There is nothing worse then losing your beloved pet because of something you could have prevented.


Extra Info: African Grey Parrots, Maggie Wright